EverFlex Partials

Sunset Dental Lab offers a range of Crown and Bridge options. From PFM crowns in a variety of alloy choices to fit all preferences and economic criteria to Metal Free Ceramics. We also have Zirconia either layered with porcelain or Full Contour when strength is the main concern.

EverFlex Partials are metal-free, monomer free nylon appliances fabricated with TCS Thermoplastic material that retain their flexiblity for life. EverFlex Partials exert much less torque and damaging extractive forces on abutment teeth when compared to improperly designed cast partial dentures. They are virtually unbreakable and blend with most patients' gingiva due to their 5 different tissue shades.

EverFlex Partials are perfect for patients who are sensitive to monomer containing acrylics or who just don't want metal in their mouths. EverFlex are great for a transitional apliance or as a permanent restoration.

EverFlex can also be combined with a metal framework for added stability in free end saddle cases or when extra strength is needed.

Dentures and Partials

Sunset Dental Lab offers conventional Dentures and Partial Dentures. Whether you prescribe Cast Partials or Full Dentures we can fill your prescription. We use both Chrome Cobalt and also Nobilstar alloys for Partial Frameworks. Nobilstar is a premium alloy which is Nickel free and has a higher elongation value so adjusting clasps is easier with less chance of fracture.

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